Ubersexual..Thats Me!!!

Ubersexual…What Is IT?!?!?!

Basically it is metro-sexuality for the noughties (2000-2009). MetroSexual are switching to a new era, and other non-metros are joining too The descriptor ‘uber’ was chosen because in German it means the best, the greatest, super, or above.

Übersexuals are the most attractive (not just physically), most dynamic, and most compelling men of their generations. They are confident, masculine, stylish, and committed to uncompromising quality in all areas of life. Übersexuals also have depth, subtlety and individuality. The übersexuals knows the difference between right and wrong and will make the right decision regardless of what others around him may think.

Since Metro-sexual has peaked during the Sex and the City era it is fading away (only 2 years in the USA and 10 years in Europe) and bringing new lingo into play. Metro-Sexuals do not want to be known as conceited, arrogant, or full or themselves. (because they are not)
If Metro-Sexual is a little bit too self indulging, the term übersexuals, which is a male who is similar to a metro-sexual but has the traditional manly qualities such as confidence, strength, and class.

An übersexuals is a manly man who displays all
the good qualities associated with the gender without giving into the negative stereotypes such as chauvinism, emotional unavailability and a brain only filled with sports stats, beer and burgers. Compared with the metrosexual, the übersexual is more into relationships than self. It is a masculinity that combines the best of traditional manliness (strength, honor, character) with positive traits traditionally associated with females such as nurturance, communicativeness, and co-operation.

He merely is a gentleman in all manners of the definition. A ubersexual is a man that knows masculinity is not about being rude and dirty, but being a well dressed, well groomed gentleman. Also known for their cunnilingus skills, but both meanings of course…many languages, and giving pleasure with the tongue. Ubersexuals make the best boyfriends ever. They really know how to take care of themselves and their Girl friend.

Here are six quick and easy ways to tell the difference between being ubersexual and metrosexual:

1. Both are passionate, but the ubersexual is passionate about causes and principles.

2. The ubersexual spends more time grooming his mind than his hair.

3. Both treat and respect women as equals, but the ubersexual considers other men, and women, his best friends.

4. The ubersexual is more sensual and not at all self-conscious. He doesn’t need other people to tell him he’s sexy.

5. The metrosexual gets his design tips from the Fab Five, the design gurus from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Ubersexuals get their ideas from travels and interest in art and culture.

6. The ubersexual knows the difference between right and wrong and will make the right decision regardless of what others around him may think. The metrosexual knows the difference between toner and exfoliant.

The current icon of Übersexuals is Bono. He’s global, socially aware, confident, and compassionate, and he commands a huge base of followers who are fans of his music and his humanitarianism. Other notable ubersexuals are Bill Clinton, George Clooney, Jon Stewart, Pierce Brosnan, Donald Trump, and Ewan McGregor


  1. Well, it’s actually rather interesting that someone has an explanation for this type of male. Although, it amazes me that you strive to allow others into your thought pattern to see what you are really about. Which sometimes seems pretty complex if you ask me! But for the life of me, can not figure out why we don’t have more of these ubersexual males!!!! That’s it I guess…

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