Corona & Chill: Ways To Take Advantage Of This Down Time!!!

I believe everyone should take the time to explore their sexuality and what I mean by that is to take the time and explore what you enjoy.  For example, if you enjoy it when someone kisses you on your neck try to explore even more.  Have someone kiss on your neck while stimulating your privates at the same time.  If you’re a woman and you have great orgasms when your clit is stimulated see what happens when your clit is stimulated while being penetrated at the same time.

You ever notice they used certain words when you learn about yourself sexually?  Words like explore or discover because sexuality is a journey especially when you are trying to learn about what you enjoy and what you would like to try.  The hard part about this is a lot of us have to make this journey without a map or someone giving us the wrong directions.  Hell, some people refuse to give us any type of direction at all.  You have people who will tell you that sex is wrong. That’s why a lot of us get lost on this journey trying to discover ourselves sexually.

Do you know what’s really awesome though?  If you have someone who will accompany you on this journey.  Someone that you can grow with sexually.  That shit is amazing.  Someone who will support you and not shame you for the things that you want to try or are curious.  Now I know this goes without saying but I will still fucking say it.  I’m not talking about anything illegal or that threatens the safety or liberties of innocents.  I’m just talking about two consenting adults enjoying sex.  

Have you had someone that made you feel so comfortable sexually that you could talk to them about anything and not worried about being judged? Have you ever had someone to help you test your limits and help you discover new things?  I’m talking about new sensations and experiences.  Someone that helps you with making your sexual fantasies a reality.

Someone that helps you discover new ways to cum.  

Someone that helps you explore what really turns you.

Someone that helps you discover new ways to masturbate.

Someone that helps you explore your body.

Like I said before learning about yourself sexually is a journey but if you’re lucky you will have someone that will help you explore and discover.

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